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Relevant North East Attractions

Located in Durham, the Summer School provides an excellent base for visits to the many relevant local attractions the North East has to offer. Some of these will be explored as part of the Summer School itself and others may be of interest if you wished to extend your visit to the North East. Some of these exciting examples are detailed below.


Great North Museum: Hancock

Managed by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums on behalf of Newcastle University

Hadrians Wall Great North Museum


The Great North Museum contains a fine collection of Roman artefacts and inscriptions mostly relating to Hadrian's Wall and a superb collection of Greek art and archaeology assembled by Prof. Brian Shefton. It also houses Egyptian, natural history and ethnographic collections.


Segedunum Roman Fort

The Roman collections at Segedunum relate to the excavations of the 1970s, 80s and 90s.


Several items deserve particular mention, including the only stone toilet seat from Roman Britain, a delightful portable shrine, surviving spearheads and sections of ring mail armour and a collection of rounded throwing stones - defensive missiles for the Fort.


Besides the fort and museum there is a full scale reconstruction of a Roman military bath house and a reconstruction of a short length of Hadrian's Wall.

There are also artefacts associated with local coalmining and shipbuilding.



Arbeia Roman Fort


There are reconstructions of a gateway (on the original foundations), a barrack block and commanding officer's house. The fort has numerous granaries and a HQ building while the museum displays an important collection of Roman artefacts.


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